Jeffrey Redding: Recommendations on Bourbon, Scotch, & Fine Cigars

Jeffrey Redding

March 7, 2021

Jeffrey Redding: Recommendations on Bourbon, Scotch, & Fine Cigars

Jeffrey Redding, Chicago, is the director of security for a large retail operation in Pennsylvania. He served as an investigator with the Chicago Police Department for more than two decades and an investigator with two Inspector Generals Offices and the Office of Internal Affairs. He also served as the Director of Operations for two Chicago-based Security firms where he was tasked with the recruitment, retention, training, and assigning of security officers for site placement. He has expertise in active shooter response tactics, defensive tactics, and security best practices which he has used to the benefit of the public and his superiors.


After a long and distinguished career in law enforcement, Jeffrey Redding enjoys serving as the head of security for a large retail organization. This more relaxed and public-facing position still comes with its challenges. But Jeffrey Redding now has more time to develop expertise in his personal interests which include fine Bourbons and Scotch, and world-class cigars.


After initially taking an interest in his law enforcement and security expertise, we couldn’t help but ask, ‘what are your favorite bourbons and cigars?’ Here’s what we learned.


Jeffrey Redding Chicago: Recommendations on Bourbon & Fine Cigars


Starting with cigars and bourbon, Jeffrey Redding made a few pairing recommendations which we intend to follow up on at our earliest convenience. They are:


#1. La Aroma de Cuba & Old Bardstown

The La Aroma de Cuba is a medium-full strength cigar wrapped in Connecticut broad-leaf originating from Nicaragua. Sipping Old Bardstown with the La Aroma causes the nutty flavors to linger with a backdrop of corn flavor from the 100 proof bourbon.


#2. Por Larrañaga 1834 TAA En Cedro & Lexington

The Por Larrañaga is a medium-strength cigar in a Nicaraguan wrapper originating from Honduras. The medium body of this cigar is the perfect match for the date and caramel notes of Lexington bourbon.


#3. La Mission du L’Atelier & Old Gran-Dad 114

What might be Jeffrey Redding’s favorite cigar, the La Mission has full-bodied flavor with a “robusto” shape in a San Andres wrapper over Nicaraguan long-fillers. Old Gran-Dad is strong enough to stand up to the full-bodied strength of this cigar, and the high-rye-mash bill ensures a fine finish, keeping good company with undertones of oak and vanilla.


Always security-minded, and respectful of the law, Jeffrey Redding sternly reminded us to partake of these and similar pairings in a legal, safe, and responsible way.